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i hope everyone is having a great summer. i just got back to rome from positano and the amalfi coast. it was a beautiful experience. we ate dinner at a beautiful restaurant called chez black right on the beach in positano. i would highly recommend this restaurant. thank you to fr. mark haydu for the suggestion! anyway, i won’t bog down this post with talking because the pictures are worth a thousand words!

to see what i wore, click here!


my mom, joanne, and our waiter at chez black, rosario


sweaty self portrait enjoying some gaja chardonnay at chez black (ps, they let me keep the bib)


my mom, joanne, and our driver, andrea, caught in the act of a selfie!! (ps- it was andreas birthday, so we celebrated with him!)


lemons outside of pompeii


seafood scampi at chez black


lemon slush truck on the side of the road at the amalfi coast


chez black


tomato and buffalo mozzarella at chez black


andrea, the birthday guy! (ps- he kept the bib too!!!)



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