is your kale massaged?


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everyone is talking about it. everyone is eating it.

but is everyone massaging it?

i know i am.

here is the honest truth: i am not a huge kale fan. i eat it here and there at a trendy restaurant as long as it is drenched in a delicious dressing and topped with some sort of fruit or seed.

but i found a new way to genuinely enjoy my kale.


here is how you do it:

  • put your kale in a bowl
  • pour some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) on the kale
  • massage the kale by rubbing it and tossing it around for 15-20 minutes

the best part of the massaging method is that it still gives you the same health factors without the bitter, tough complex of the raw kale.

here is my favorite recipe for a massaged kale salad:

BOOM. there you go.

now, enjoy some photos in my shirt from The Inventory Room


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thanks to my bestie, shotguns and seashells, for getting silly with me!

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until next time, cheers!

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  1. char

    love love love (except the cooking the kale part- thats not going to happen)

  2. 2/6/2015

    You are a skillful PR person and thoughtfully intelligent writer . So proud of you❤️

  3. 2/13/2015

    […] massaging kale? Ya, me neither but Fast Foodie knows all about it and I suggest you check it out here. A special shout out to Fitz Pullins of The Inventory Room for these adorable tops! I’ve worn […]

  4. 3/5/2015

    I’m GON NEED that shirt! For real though 🙂 xx, Ada

  5. 3/7/2015

    I actually like kale, especially juices, but thanks for the massaged salad tip. And the shirt is adorable!

  6. I love this shoot, y’all are precious & I really need to order one of the these shirts! I love raw kale but I’m totally down to massage mine to try it out!

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