shake it off

i usually like to try to keep my posts about something specific and not just my life events or my feelings. but tonight, i just felt the need to share this with the blog world in true blog fashion.

over the past year, i have been building my blog and been growing to the point where i am today. i am pushing 2000 instagram followers, working on some incredible projects, and have recruited over 10 guest writers to feature over the next few months. february marks fast foodie’s one year birthday.

over this past year, i have made incredible virtual relationships with some incredible bloggers. some of those relationships have even transferred from the world wide web to the actual world and i’ve developed personal friendships with women i have met through the internet. i have been asked to write for other people’s blogs, host events, and be representatives for large companies through my blog. how did i do this? through my honesty and my unique voice here on fast foodie. i strive to give my readers variety while keeping the mood light and airy.

recently, i have been applying for various things within my blog life as well as personal life. being a senior in college, i watch my friends and peers applying to various jobs and internships. some have been accepted and others have not.

this is a lot to take in. being accepted. being denied. this world (virtual or real) teaches you how to get thick skin really fast. i have learned that the hard way. people want you to morph into the shell that matches THEIR image. what they ask you to do is to change who you really are to better themselves.

the most important lesson i have learned the past few years, especially this past year with fast foodie, is that you ALWAYS stay true to you. it sounds so cliche, but there is not a truer statement in the world. the moment you begin to sway away from your true self and values is when you will begin to fail.

don’t ever let anyone tell you what to do, who to be, or what to write. even if that means sacrificing a job, followers, more money, or experience. this small statement can go miles. in the long run, all of the things in this world are irrelevant.

so, with that rant over with, i am going to leave you with the biggest bit of wisdom anyone has ever given me. i have taken it to heart and i hope someone reading this blog anyone in the world can use it to help them get through a tough situation.

“hey, hey hey. while you’ve been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats in the world, you could’ve been getting down to this sick beat. shake it off” -taylor swift

until next time, cheers!

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  1. Myra Wexler

    Here . Here @FastFoodie.
    Be TRUE 2 yourSELF,
    Miss Madame!
    SHAKE it OFF!!!
    LoVe you @ PEW,

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