the M word


this word has been on my mind this weekend.

the reason it has been on my mind this weekend is because i am going to be moving to rome this summer for 4 months! I’m not even sure if it is considered moving, but considering i take two suitcases for a weekend trip to jacksonville, the amount of luggage i am going to have is going to make it look like i am moving.

this is such an incredible thing for me. if you remember a couple of days ago, i wrote about “shaking it off” and keeping your head up. well, the ole statement “when one door closes, another  opens” is very much applying to my life currently. i posted that post after a non-peachy situation went down, and BOOM. the next morning, i have this glorious email in my inbox, reassuring my belief in something greater.

i will be working with the incredible team at The Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums. I’m not exactly sure what my job will entail, but i do know i am going to ingest a lot of espresso and pasta (and maybe reenact the lizzie mcguire movie the entire summer).

while i am thrilled, i am also terrified. so, with that being said, i am now fully accepting suggestions of things to do in ROMA. please feel free to contact me at anytime via email at

me + rome.. man, that sounds nice…

well, i guess i may have to change my sign off…

until next time, CIAO

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  1. 3/5/2015

    While I understand why you’re terrified, I would love to hear how this trip went for you as I’m sure it’s already passed! xx, Ada

    • 3/5/2015

      AHH! I leave may 25 for 4 months… I am so excited now!!!! I can’t wait.

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