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1. Regarding your morning coffee, drop what is in your hand and run (don’t walk to Starbucks). If you haven’t experienced the new espresso campaign yet, you are either living under a rock or you are a coffee snob. With the introduction of the “Flat White”, Starbucks is introducing themselves into a new league of craft [coffee] brewing. The Flat White is a drink hailing from Austrailia, composed of ristretto espresso (tightly packed espresso grounds) and steamed whole milk creating a very fine, creamy foam. Over all, the Flat White is a rich, delicious cup o’ joe. It is great for people who love jolt of energy but not the harsh taste of espresso. I give the Flat White 9.5/10 stars.

2. My current obsession: Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Havent heard of this yet? I’m sorry… You read that right. It’s not some weird thing I’m just saying to get you to keep reading. You can literally ship an envelope filled with glitter to someone you hate (hate is a strong word “someone you seriously dislike”). Why on earth did nobody think this was cool when I suggested we do this in high school? I could have been rich… Anyway, here’s the link. I don’t hate anyone enough to send them an envelope filled with glitter, but if you do, send me an email! I want to be in on the action.


3. After a week of recovering, I am finally healing from my wisdom teeth removal. I’ll take ear surgery any day compared to wisdom teeth removal, or any dental procedure at that… With that being said, I had a bunch of time to gather some guest writers to start 2015 out strong. I am proud to announce I have recruited the best of the best to bring you some variety this year! I’m excited to announce our first guest writer of 2015 is Ashley Farrington!! Ashley is a 29 year old, brand new mommy who also happens to be a champion equestrian rider (she does jumps taller than your dad). In true “southern belle” fashion, Ashley is a graduate of Furman University, a Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumna, and is currently pursuing a masters degree in history. She loves red wine and Taylor Swift. Welcome to the family, ash! Ashley’s first Fast Foodie post will be released tomorrow!


4. My goal was to have 500 Facebook followers by the end of 2015. Well, that goal was accomplished. With the expansion, my hope is to expand the Instagram follower base as well. So, if you have Instagram and don’t follow me, close out and go to!

*im team follow back
**if you are interested in writing for Fast Foodie, shoot me an email at!

well, that’s all for now folks. I hope you have a great Thursday and your Flat White doesn’t disappoint you.

Until Next Time, Cheers!

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